#127 | Daniela Werneck


www.danielawerneck.com | danielawerneck@live.com

Daniela Werneck was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and she currently lives in Katy, Texas. She has been an art lover since she was a child. Always passionate about human figures in drawings and sculptures, she studied drawing and painting techniques in her teen ages when she found out her love for watercolor.

She holds a bachelor degree in Interior Design, area in which she worked for about 10 years until she moved with her husband and kids to Australia in 2008, there she committed herself to her passion, Watercolor.

In 2015, already living in the US, she started exposing in watercolor exhibits, where she has received several awards for her art. Daniela is a member of Texas Watercolor Society (TWS), National Watercolor Society (NWS), Watercolor Art Society of Houston (WAS-H) and The Portrait Society of America.