#137 | Rob Gladstone

(713) 502-8569

In 2000 I found myself co-writing, co-producing and directing my first film. It was like getting bit by a bug. Once I started scratching, I couldn’t stop. The film went nowhere, but it didn’t matter. I made a second. That second film got me into the 3D software used in animation and special effects that is now at the heart of my work. Now, I consider myself a mad scientist as much as an artist, trying to meld my admiration of Impressionism with my passion for movies.

Whether the piece starts with macro photography, a story I love or a tree branch hanging on my backyard fence, I focus on the interaction of light, contrast, color and texture in a way that let’s my imagination run without getting too far from my story telling roots. In any given piece, I hope to convey a mood or a sense of wonder and maybe tell a story that makes you smile.