#227 | Richard S. Hall



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Richard S. Hall studied architecture at Texas A&M University, The University of Texas, and at the University of Houston. He received his Baccalaureate in Zoology and Ph.D. in Education from Texas A&M University and his Masters in Medical Art/Biomedical Communications from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. When he was a student at St. Thomas High School in Houston, he began selling his work to friends and classmates. Since then his artwork has been displayed in private and public collections throughout the country. He has exhibited in invitational and juried shows from Texas to New York and has numerous awards to his credit. He has also taught graduate and non-credit art and visual design courses and workshops since he was in college. Working largely in watercolor, he also likes working in pen & ink, acrylic, oils, and pastels to depict Southwestern and Gulf Coast scenes and impressions, particularly lighthouses, fishin g vessels, barns, windmills, and sporting scenes. “I try to capture memories and dreams in my art. There is so much character along this coast that so many people miss or simply do not see. The old bait camps, fishing boats, back harbors and alleys that keep popping up in my work. My favorite medium is transparent watercolor. I find it most responsive, but it can humble you on occasions. I was influenced a lot by the late 'Buck' Schewitz when he would visit our classes at A&M and do workshops. There is something about the old school of architectural rendering and book illustration with quill pen and watercolor that I find so delightful. The command that those artists had of those tools was amazing. Today’s renderings and illustrations are usually computer generated and rather stiff and lacking in expression and character”. Richard’s illustrations can be found in many books, articles, films, and exhibits. He has several impressive mural com missions to his credit. In addition, his commissioned portraits continue to win the hearts of his clients. His recent book, "Lighthouses, Lightships, and Beacons of Texas: a comprehensive field guide", Pintail Publishing, 2013, was an Independent Publishers "IPPY Award" winner for best regional non-fiction. He plans to follow up with a similar field guide for Louisiana and a coffee table book of his watercolors of the Texas lighthouses and life-saving stations and coastal scenes. “I became hooked on lighthouses back in the mid-1960’s when doing architectural design sketches of rural town centers as an assignment in design class. Every opportunity since then, I’ve taken the time to research lighthouses of the Gulf of Mexico.” Richard’s work can be seen by appointment only at his studio: Silos at Sawyer Yards, studio #227, 1502 Sawyer Street, Houston, Texas 77007