#206 | METTLE by FMW|fablab Furniture & Everyday Wares

http://www.mettlebyfablab.com  |  hillary@fmwfablab.com

METTLE by FMW|fablab is the retail showroom for products designed and fabricated by FMW|fablab furniture & everyday wares. All work is original and handmade with an eye toward modern heirloom quality pieces. We specialize in steel and aluminum with accents in wood, resin, glass and other materials. 

Both METTLE by FMW|fablab and FMW|fablab furniture & everyday wares are owned by Ford and Hillary Waters. Ford has been in the metalworking field for over 26 years and also does a substantial portion of the product design. Hillary has been in the commercial interior design industry for over 18 years and learned metalworking a couple of years after meeting Ford.