#213 | Strange Bird Immersive

An eccentric medium with a dark secret.

Eight chairs in a parlor whispering of the past.

A magician who died with a promise only you can fulfill.

The Man From Beyond brings the mind-bending thrill of immersive theatre to the adrenaline-pumping fun of the escape room. Unlike anything you’ve ever done before, this original adventure will leave you wondering if the magic is real.



Our mission is to create immersive experiences that tear down the traditional boundaries between performer and audience so both are free to live truthfully inside imaginary circumstances. We look forward to exploring new experiences with you.


Immersive theatre puts you in the middle of the show. The world of the story surrounds you, characters hold out their hands to you, and no one is a passive spectator. It’s like virtual reality—except it’s not virtual.

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