#314 | Gwendolyn S Plunkett


I love shifting between media---oil paint, acrylic, pen and ink, or encaustic; and mixing the media with collage. The “shift” is often dictated by the content of the work.   Maintaining connections between groups of work or making the decision to deviate towards a new direction is one of the primary challenges involved with switching between media but I also like the way that challenge keeps me from becoming complacent or bored.

The work also ranges from pure non-objective imagery to abstracted images grounded in real life. I love the activity of the gestural mark as much as I love the silence of the minimal presentation with little sign of the artist’s hand. The monotony of making the same mark repeatedly, over and over, becomes as much a mantra for meditation as any uttered sound.

Themes are not exotic. They’re simply reflections of my daily life. What I see as I travel across the country or driving back and forth to work. The often-monotonous cadence of everyday rituals for instance, and my concerns with aging and preventative measures taken to slow down that process. Individual series arise out of these themes, and while these are personal, they are not unique.