#106 | John Hovig

artist@johnhovig.com  |  www.johnhovig.com

I explore the tension between the organic and the mechanical. What does it mean to live in an era of vast technology? My paintings, drawings and digital images are active and intense. Exuberant yet anxious, colorful and vexing, they portray mechanical objects and processes imperfectly—roughly, humanistically—in unexpected hues and unusual configurations. My background is in computer engineering, software development and artificial intelligence, but instead of embracing technology in my practice, I prefer to examine it at a distance.

Current projects include: Cycladic Riders digital prints and woodcuts (bicycle parts remixed into humanoid and equine forms); Clips & Ruler paintings and woodcut prints (paper clips, portrayed roughly, arranged symmetrically—albeit messily—around a slashing ruler); CR Mandala digital prints (Clips & Ruler paintings turned into overlapping circular complications); and Asemic Figure Drawings in ink on paper (gestural continuous-line drawings, unbroken hand-drawn lines of ink).