#308 | Monique Weston



I make strong focal pieces that highlight vintage architectural/industrial elements, including hinges, musical instruments, keyholes, chandelier parts, antique tools, intriguing hardware and objects that were originally designed only for function - so their beauty is transformative. My work evokes hope, renewal and endless possibilities.

I grew up in Asia as a third-culture kid. My professional background is in intelligence/kidnap and ransom. Self-trained, I've never had a formal art education, but collaborated with well-established designers, with focal pieces appearing in Vogue and popular soap operas. I sell in boutiques in TX, MA and CA, as well as Amazon Handmade. I’m also a veteran of art markets and festivals, and I absolutely love the vendor experience!

For years I designed jewelry made with traditional materials, and now I work with...everything! It's very rewarding to find an object haunted by its old glories, to glimpse its potential beauty, and to reinvent it. The result is a striking and adventurous synthesis of industrial strength and glamour.