#302 | Sue Lorenz


I have been driven to paint since I first inhaled the aroma of turpentine and linseed oil. It fills me with an endorphin high so addictive I have painted for more than forty years and I intend to continue until the wet brushes are removed from my cold lifeless hands. Paintings--good ones--are visual poetry, connecting to something deeply emotional in the viewer. Travel inspires my work. Seeing anew in a strange place, often I am so touched by the beauty around me that I cannot speak. An exquisite fiery sky at sunset. A foggy morning at the shore. The way light dances on the petals of a rose. Joy shining on a child's face. The way my precious shitzu looks at me as if she knows what I am thinking. Light bouncing around my kitchen as I make soup on a winter's day. Desire on a lover's face. Heart stopping moments. 

At moments like these I am overwhelmed with emotions I cannot express except by painting. It may take nine months or even nine years to bring it to life. When I paint the scene, all the amazing emotion that was there at first sight come flooding over me once again. I remember the moment, the exact color, the color of the light and how I felt on seeing it the first time. And so I write a visual poem--a new painting. Instead of finding the exact word as a poet would, I mix the exact color. I strive for rhythm, balance, strength--like a poet. Your eyes are drawn to the light as I show you my beautiful world full of peace, joy and love. When the painting is successful, you will feel the poetry too, but in a way that reflects your memories. When you are moved by my work, I feel honored to share it with you.
Sue Lorenz
September 14, 2017