#312 | Jen Lam Parmer


I’m a Houston based artist and absolutely obsessed with all things jewelry.  It is my passion and I could happily sit at the bench for hours on end blissfully creating little shiny things. 

My father’s only nickname for me growing up was…”The Destroyer”.  Now I’m finally allowed to play with fire, wield dangerously sharp objects, and make lots of noise.  Thankfully, I found an art where your mission is to cut, hammer, and torch metal until something beautiful is revealed.

Artistic inspiration comes from ancient mythology, numbers, scripture, family, and most of all, nature.  And from time to time, when the stars are perfectly aligned, I collaborate with my talented husband, Nathan Parmer, to create a special piece.  

I’m grateful for the many generous teachers I’ve had the opportunity to train under; including the talented jewelers at the Revere Academy in San Francisco where I refined my skills and earned the JTI Diploma.  Thank you for keeping this ancient art alive.  

My mission is to make meaningful jewelry and pass along what I've learned.  Thank you to my wonderful friends, family, and supporters alike.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live out my passion!