The Silos project creators


SYD MOEN—Artist Statement

I am intrigued by all changes and transitions – large and small, real and imagined – that are part of our daily lives. Innovative digital technology allows me to explore these experiences in a fresh interactive and often times cinematic way. I like the idea of enlisting the viewer as a collaborator allowing them to control the speed, sequence, and ultimately, the significance of what they see.

The property is complex in both history and architecture. I propose to utilize the THE SILOS and its environs as a proving ground for the application and use of new techniques and technology in the field of 360° digital photography and video. As an artist/photographer my challenge is to share the space and its evolving purpose with the viewer. The resulting imagery can be presented in multiple new exciting ways:  mobile device, computer, head mounted display, and dome projection.


Gary watson - artist statement

There are spirits in old, abandoned buildings – spirits of former occupants, their jobs, and their lives. These spirits live in left-behind artifacts, such as markings on the walls, worn handrails and stair steps, light fixtures, signs, and in hundreds of details that define a sense of the purpose of the building and the workers who made it function. For many abandoned buildings, those spirits turn to dust in the rubble of demolition. But when derelict buildings are thoughtfully repurposed with vision and creativity, the spirits of the past enhance the spirits of the future, resulting in a powerful synergy. Reborn as THE SILOS, the vast, imposing structure that once processed rice for physical nourishment will house artists whose work will provide spiritual nourishment. 

Using traditional black-and-white photography, I propose to create a portrait of the building in photo essay form, first revealing the “spirit” of its past by seeing details and spaces that are easily overlooked and then capturing the energy of its rebirth as a dynamic new arts community. Choosing a legacy photographic technique with vintage cameras parallels the renewal and rediscovery of a landmark facility and focuses on the qualities of durability, beauty, and continuing viability.